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Big Ears Festival, Shervin Lainez.-

Maria Loks by Matthias Vriens-McGrath for Tvtor #1 S/S14, Dress: Valentino.

Technically, the first look at Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice and not the first look at Jonny Greenwood.


The Horrors - So Now You Know

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Jonny Greenwood & Wordless Music Orchestra - LOOP. 3/29/2014 Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival.-

For his latest performances, Jonny has used his Fender Starcaster, Gibson Les Paul Standard, along with his silverface Fender Super Reverb. The Starcaster was again used for his piece Self Portrait With Seven Fingers (with the Wordless Music Orchestra), while the Les Paul was used for his piece Loop (also with the Wordless Music Orchestra) and for Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint as well. We can also assume that he used his Akai Headrush for Loop.

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